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Streamline your business, delight clients and
 simplify operations, and make your life way easier.

Streamline your business, delight clients and
 simplify operations, and make your life way easier.


Produced In Client Revenue

Proudly Helped 200+ Businesses Including

Why Your Business is Not Scaling When you have all the right tools and team
and what you can do about it...

You ever feel like every Tom, Josh, and Sara is now a "TECH Expert"? 

Just scratch the surface and you’ll find folks who took a crash course, got a bit of jargon under their belt, and now think they've hit the big leagues. 

But let's keep it 100; navigating this terrain without a true north is like shooting in the dark.

Imagine entrusting your brand, your passion, to someone only to discover they’re navigating blindly, just like you. They might impress with tech jargon, but when the results remain stagnant and your BUSINESS not scaling is nowhere in sight, you're left questioning.

Is it you? Or is it them?

True mastery isn't just about talking the talk. It's about understanding the pulse of a business, decoding the mysteries of its market, and building bridges to huge success territories.

Every business has a dormant volcano of potential. A genuine expert is that seismic force that ignites the eruption, propelling your business from mere existence to industry excellence.

Because on the other side lies not just an expert but a revolution waiting to be unleashed on your business.

The reason your business aren’t producing the results you want, is because you’re just one missing piece away from greatness.

That missing piece is a special someone…

This isn't about finding someone who merely understands; it's about collaborating with a visionary who dives into the soul of your business, embodying its mission and fervor. He don't just see your goals—he fights for them.

What you're in search of is a master architect—one who crafts not just with tools but with insights so piercing they can cut through the market's noise.

You yearn for a strategist, a tech-maven who discerns the heartbeat of your business, and intuitively knows how to amplify its rhythm in the market.

Merely connecting dots? It's elementary. You deserve someone who orchestrates symphonies from those dots, creating a crescendo of tangible results.

In this vast sea of so-called "experts," the true maestros—the ones who transform the ordinary into the legendary—are rare. In fact, they're the elite 1%.

If your story matches with these words and you're excited to see REAL outcomes, know this: 

You've found more than just skills; 

you've discovered the game-changer your business has been waiting for.

Are you READY to see how? 

If you are a business owner who knows how to take decisive action
 and who has a willingness to invest in your business, Let's Talk! 

There are 2 ways I can help: 


"I have some small and big projects that I need help with and I need to clean up a mess"
This program is for business owners who want help getting their CRM and marketing funnels dialed in so they can increase their growth, sales and profitability. Additionally, the program offers a comprehensive audit of your existing setup, whether it's in Hubspot, SalesForce, Keap, Active Campaign, Marketo, GHL, Intercom, or any other technology or marketing tools and what to do to elevating to the next level.

This program is for you if you want help with some small and big projects and you need it implemented at lightning speed.


“I want to work with someone 1-on-1 to really scale my business journey and make my life easier"
Sometimes, you just crave the chance to work closely with someone, one-on-one. And that's exactly what my premier "Done For You" service is all about. It's the ultimate package, the real deal. 

If you're ready to bring in a top-notch expert who will wholeheartedly assist you in planning, designing, and executing mind-blowing automated journeys to skyrocket your business growth, then this is exactly what you're looking for (and trust me, what you truly need).

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

We’ve also worked with a bunch of other clients in just about every industry..

"If you need to do anything related to CRM data, migrations, or Hubspot, do yourself a favor and hire Fadi. 

I have been doing marketing for a long time and have never met anyone more well-versed in their subject or more willing to move mountains to make things happen. Data migration and CRM configuration can get thorny, and it made all the difference to have Fadi in our corner. He made it easy and made me look good :) 

Bonus: Fadi is just great to work with -- committed, reliable, patient, and so nice. He even ran one-on-one trainings to get us up to speed and everyone walked away really happy with the experience. This is easily one of the best working relationships I've had with a contractor or colleague. Totally blown away."

- Anna Wroblewska. AskDgo

"Since working with Fadi to automate our business, we've seen our subscribers go up month after month! The business just keeps growing. Our team has been able to allocate their time to other tasks as a results of Fadi's work, and we are reaching more customers than we ever could manually. So great to work with Fadi and look forward to continuing our relationship with him."

- Ralph Miller - Princess Dental Staffing

"Fadi was a godsend when we really needed help setting up our email marketing and data management. He got us set up with best practices and was available to give advice and set up systems & automations that will save us so much time going forward!"

- Cass Mao - Halo Car

"Fadi is the master of all things HubSpot! I would HIGHLY recommend him (and already have) to anyone looking for help with Hubspot. He will be my first call if I need more help! He was able to integrate Hubspot with Clio Manage and PandaDoc seamlessly for our Law Firm. 

The brilliant thing about Fadi is that he cares about his client's money and knows how to efficiently and cost-effectively maximize plug-ins. Most people will upsell you on professional and enterprise subscriptions - but Fadi gives you options and pays attention to your costs. He's also easily accessible and makes time for you if you have an urgent need. 

If you need help with HubSpot - don't look any further! Reach out to Fadi now! You won't regret it."

- Mary Bouvier O'Connor

"Fadi is an expert, consummate professional, and a real pleasure to work with. He has helped up immensely!"

- Briana - Tonkean

"Fadi blows our minds away with how freaking smart he is and how he is revolutionizing our CRM and beyond. Highly recommend."

- Amanda Kurdziole - Bellalucefineart

"Fadi is absolutely the best! He has been completely instrumental in getting all our outreach synced up. Very professional and worth every penny. We look forward to working with him in the future."

- David Molenberg - Wowcater

"It was great to work with Fadi. He is very knowledgeable and understands the near term needs of the business to help improve processes. We have completed the first phase of business automation with Fadi, but we will look to re-engage in the future to help as we grow. Highly recommend Fadi to anyone."

- Ryan Troll - Bird Watch

"Fadi was very quick to understand exactly what needed to be done to help us over a transition in our business. He quickly served our needs and was very responsive and attentive to detail. He made sure everything was properly connected in our automation before finishing up. Highly recommend him and will use his services again."

- Bailey Rogers - Office1

For those who haven't had the opportunity to get to know me...

My name is Fadi Katto, and I've helped 350+ businesses to scale and automate their business growth to 10X.

 I turn businesses into profit-generating powerhouses by creating customized automated client journeys and high-tech marketing strategies designed to help them reach 7 or 8 figure incomes.
I have ached 

Today, I have the honor of partnering with high-level business owners. 

I get to create empire of marketing technology solutions that allow businesses to exponentially grow their revenue AND impact in the world.

Scaling is not just my passion; it's my expertise. 

Managing and building large automated journeys and scaling them in a profitable way is a skill that most “experts” never master.

I guess that’s the difference between me and them.

The unique combination of science, patient, understanding, and of course marketing and technology with my problem-solving brain, is what fuels my success in this field.  

My methods are always one-of-a-kind, never duplicated from others. And you know what? That's what makes them so special!

But seriously, nothing brings me more joy than helping incredible businesses in achieving their goals and solve their marketing technology problems.

I love that I get to help companies that want to grow and scale their systems. It's feels good when I deliver these results and seeing them happy and have a long term solution to take their business to hit 7-8 figures.

It is truly a blessing to be a trusted companion and a solution, supporting people as they strive for greatness.



Let's Talk

It’s pretty simple from here. If you're enjoying what you've read so far, let’s talk.

I'll dive into your goals, hook you up with some pro tips, and then I'll see if it's a match made in heaven for you to invest in my expertise.

If it is, we'll hit the ground running. If not, no hard feelings—we'll part ways as friends. Either way, it's a win-win situation for you.

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